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Control Panel Licenses

Why does my Plesk key say it will expire in 3 months?

Having an automated license management system, Parallels maintains all the keys for Plesk and other licenses worldwide. To lower the amount of fraud and key misuse, Parallels requires that all keys issued check in every three (3) months at minimum. ...

Why does Parallels Plesk give me an invalid license key error?

There are many different error messages that could be displayed within Plesk based upon the issue that is occurring. For example, if you upload a key that is intended for another version of Plesk Panel you might get one of the errors outlined below.P...

Why doesn’t the Plesk admin panel load after installation?

Upon having completed the Parallels Plesk installation, you may find that you’re unable to login to the Plesk panel. The reason for being unable to do so is because the Plesk ports are being blocked by your firewall. To resolve this issue, plea...

Why am I unable to access DirectAdmin after the installation?

If you are unable to access your DirectAdmin administrative interface, this is more than likely because the port is blocked. The process to unblock this port is relatively easy; so please, follow the step-by-step directions outlined below:Login to yo...

Where does Parallels Plesk keep its log files?

Much like many other control panels, Plesk has a wide what seems like thousands of log files for all the different services it runs. Below, we've indicated all the log file locations for your convenience: Parallels Plesk Logs:Access Log/usr/loca...