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Control Panel Licenses

How would I install Zend Optimizer/Encoder on my cPanel web server?

The process for installing Zend Optimizer on your cPanel web hosting server is quite easy. By installing Zend Optimizer on your server, it can increase the performance of your web server by as much as forty (40) percent. Please follow the step-by-ste...

How would I update my DirectAdmin license?

By default, DirectAdmin doesn’t require being updated manually. However, in some cases where the DirectAdmin key has changed, you’ll need to manually update the key. To do this, please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below: Lo...

What is the path for ColdFusion within Plesk?

Having installed ColdFusion and obtained the Plesk Power Pack upgrade, you will now be able to start using the ColdFusion developer license within your VPS or dedicated server. Please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below:Login to your Pl...

What’s included in the Plesk Power Pack?

When it comes to expanding features for your Parallels Plesk license, nothing packs a better punch than the Parallels Power Pack. Please see below for a detailed list of the Parallels items it contains within it.MS SQL / PostgreSQL Server Support - B...

Where can I locate additional cPanel documentation?

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels currently within the web hosting industry. As such, cPanel has been able to build up a vast amount of additional documentation. To access this documentation, please see the resource links outlined belo...