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Control Panel Licenses

How do I install DirectAdmin?

The overall process for installing DirectAdmin within your dedicated/virtual server isn’t overly complicated. However, due to the nature of the DirectAdmin installer, you may need to perform additional changes post-installation. Please follow t...

How do I install InterWorx?

The process for installing InterWorx isn’t a complicated. However, we do request that you still follow our step-by-step directions to ensure that the installation completes successfully:Login to your server via SSH as "ROOT"Next, run the follow...

How do I install IonCube?

The process for installing IonCube within your VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server is quite straightforward. However, to make things even simpler, we’ve separated the installation instructions into two parts, configuration analysis...

How do I install IonCube within my cPanel server?

Installing IonCube within your cPanel/WHM will allow applications, such as Fantastico and Softaculous, to install correctly. This is because these applications require IonCube to run correctly, but by default cPanel doesn’t install IonCube. Ple...

How do I install ISPmanager on my server?

The process for installing ISPmanager on your server isn’t complicated. This is because the ISPmanager system has an auto-installer that will guide you through the entire installation process. Please see the step-by-step directions outlined bel...