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Control Panel Licenses

How do I enable SMTP on another port within cPanel?

Enabling SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) on another port is quite quick. To do this, please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below:Login to you WHM (Web Host Manager)Next, go to the "Service Configuration" sectionLocate the row that s...

How do I forcefully re-install cPanel?

The cPanel re-installation process is quite similar to the cPanel installation process, but with one slight difference. Please follow the below step-by-step directions:Login to your existing cPanel server via SSHNext, run the following command from S...

How do I get the ID key and password for the SolusVM client?

When it comes to adding a SolusVM slave to a SolusVM master, you will need to have two pieces of information. The first piece of information is the SolusVM "Key ID" and the latter is the "SolusVM ID Password". These two pieces of information will all...

How do I install/upgrade my SolusVM license?

In order to be able to activate/upgrade your SolusVM license, please follow the step-by-step directions outlined within the proceeding section. Activating your SolusVM license key:Login to your SolusVM Admin PanelUpon login, hover over the "Configur...

How do I install installatron cPanel on my dedicated server?

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the market currently. However, in many cases cPanel isn’t installed correctly, thus leading to potential problems in the future. To install your cPanel dedicated license correctly, please foll...