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Auto-Installer Licenses

How would I update Fantastico manually via WHM?

The process for updating files within Fantastico only takes a couple of minutes. Upon completing this process, you will have the latest security fixes and script versions currently offered by Fantastico. Please follow the step-by-step directions outl...

Why does Fantastico tell me only a manual upgrade is possible?

Depending on the script you are trying to upgrade within your web hosting account, you may notice that only a manual upgrade is possible. This issue could be a reason of one of the following items:Compatibility issues between versionsFilename conflic...

Why does Fantastico say a script is already installed?

Depending on how you install and uninstall scripts within your web hosting account, Fantastico may get confused. As a result, Fantastico may say that you have a script already installed within your folder, but when double-checked, there is not one. T...

Where is the Fantastico icon located?

Fantastico is one of the most popular auto installers currently within the market. Being specially designed to work with cPanel, Fantastico features over sixty (60) installable applications. To locate your Fantastico auto-installer button, please fol...

What control panels will Softaculous work with?

Being one of the leading auto-installers within the market place, this allows Softaculous to be a step ahead of its competition. Please see all the control panels supported within the Softaculous auto-installer below. Linux/Unix based control panels:...