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Control Panel Licenses

Where do I obtain additional documentation on ISPmanager?

Finding additional documentation pertaining to ISPmanager isn’t complicated, please see a list of additional resources where you can find more information on how to configure, troubleshoot and administer ISPmanager:Resource #1: ISPmanager Docum...

Why am I getting a cPanel license error?

If you are currently getting a cPanel license error, this generally means that your cPanel has got out of sync with the cPanel licensing server. To resolve this issue, please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below:Login to your cPanel serv...

Why am I unable to login to my cPanel after Installation?

If you are currently unable to login to your cPanel/WHM after installation, this most likely due to having your firewall enabled. Please follow the below step-by-step directions on ways to resolve this issue.Login to your cPanel Virtual/Dedicated ser...

Why do I get a your IP is blacklisted when trying to login to DirectAdmin?

Being one of the more security conscious control panel’s DirectAdmin has an inbuilt protection filter. This filter is used to protect your DirectAdmin control panel for being hacked. However, in some cases, it incorrectly blacklists IPs. To res...

Why do I receive an error when trying to retrieve my Plesk license key?

Resolving Plesk licensing errors generally isn’t complicated once your aware of what the error code is. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to resolve the error obtained when trying to "Retrieve Keys" on your Plesk server. Licensing Serve...