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Auto-Installer Licenses

How would I access a Fantastico script while the domain isn’t resolving?

Accessing your Fantastico installed script generally requires a domain name. However, if you are trying to start working on your script prior to your DNS fully propagating you may use the outlined method below. Please follow the step-by-step directio...

How fast do updates appear within Fantastico?

Updates within Fantastico are generally available within forty-eight (48) hours of when they are released by the script maker(s). However, please note that Fantastico only supports what it considers "Stable" versions. Should you have any further que...

How do I upgrade/update Installatron?

In most cases, you’ll never need to force Installatron to update, as it’s always updated via the cron jobs or Windows Task Scheduler. Nonetheless, in those rare cases where a forced upgrade is required, please see the step-by-step directi...

How do I uninstall my Fantastico license within cPanel?

The uninstallation process is as smooth as the installation process. It only takes a few step-by-step directions and you’ll have Fantastico completely uninstalled from your cPanel web hosting server. Please see below for more details:Login to y...

How do I synchronize my Softaculous Plesk install via SSH?

While the synchronization process is quite simple, the overall step-by-step process will take several minutes to complete (including the actual synchronization process). Please follow the directions outlined below:Login to your Plesk virtual/dedicate...