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Auto-Installer Licenses

What control panels will Installatron function with?

Installatron, being one of the few cross-platform auto-installers, will function on almost any control panel. Nevertheless, for the exact list, please see all the control panels supported outlined below. Linux/Unix based control panels:cPanel/WHMPara...

What control panels will Fantastico work with?

Unlike many of the other auto-installers, such as Installatron, and Softaculous, Fantastico will only work with a cPanel/WHM based server. This could be a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server. If you should have any further questions per...

How would I uninstall Installatron from my Plesk server?

The process for uninstalling your Installatron license from Plesk is quite easy. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you follow the below-mentioned step-by-step uninstallation guide. Please see below fore more details: How to remove your Install...

How would I uninstall Installatron from my Plesk for Windows server?

Much like the installation process, the uninstallation process is also quick and rather easy. Simply follow the step-by-step directions outlined below for your convenience. How to uninstall Installatron within a Plesk for Windows server:Login to your...

How would I uninstall Installatron from my InterWorx server?

While the process for removing your Installatron auto-installer from InterWorx isn’t complicated, we do recommend following our step-by-step uninstallation guide, to ensure that you perform this action successfully. Please see below for your co...