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Auto-Installer Licenses

How would I obtain a list of all the scripts within Installatron?

Obtaining a list of the installed scripts within Installatron isn’t only a smart thing to do, but also vital to understand which scripts your customers prefer. By doing this, you can quickly and easily locate the script versions that are out of...

How would I obtain a list of all the installations within Fantastico?

The process of obtaining installations within Fantastico isn’t complicated. By obtaining a list of installations within Fantastico, you’ll be able to quickly and easily understand which script is the most preferred by users. To do this, p...

How would I list all the installations within Softaculous?

The process for listing all the installations that have been done by Softaculous is quite easy, and gives you a general idea of the most utilized script. To do this, please follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide. Login to your Virtual/Dedicate...

How would I install Installatron on a Plesk server?

Installatron, being one of the most popular auto-installers in the market, makes the installation process super-easy. Please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below, and you’ll quickly have everything configured. Installing Installatr...

How would I install Installatron on a Plesk for Windows server?

While the process for installing Installatron on a Plesk for Windows server is seemingly simple, there are some step-by-step directions that do need to be adhered to. Please see the directions outlined for your convenience. Installing Installatron w...