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Billing System Licenses

Where can I obtain additional BILLmanager documentation?

BILLmanager documentation isn’t complicated to locate, this is because BILLmanager happens to be one of the most popular billing systems currently in Europe. To find additional documentation, please view the resource links provided below:Resour...

Where within Ubersmith would I find the payment gateway log?

While Ubersmith does the heavy lifting for you, in certain circumstances it’s necessary to track the status of a particular transaction and its status. Being an advanced billing system, Ubersmith logs every action it performs, allowing administ...

Why do I get an Ubersmith error message when saving an attachment?

When it comes to saving attachments within Ubersmith, you may find that when saving an attachment, you encounter a database error within Ubersmith. This database error is triggered by the MySQL configuration being set too tightly. Please follow the s...

Why does WHMCS continue to work after I cancelled?

Due to the way that WHMCS has been designed, WHMCS may continue to function even after you cancelled the license for a period of five (5) days. This feature is designed to provide you with adequate time to migrate to another WHMCS license provider or...

Why does WHMCS say my IP is banned?

Having security in mind, WHMCS has the ability to protect itself from possible hackers and what is considered "questionable" actions. Nonetheless, as no system is perfect, it sometimes targets the wrong user by blocking access. To resolve the issue t...