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Billing System Licenses

How would I change the domain for WHMCS?

Switching the domain name on your WHMCS license isn’t complicated, but there are a few steps that you need to accomplish to correctly make the switch. Please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below. Re-issuing your WHMCS License:Pleas...

How would I add/edit/delete currencies within WHMCS?

The process for adding/editing/removing currencies within WHMCS is quite simple and can be done within a few steps. Please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below for your convenience. Adding currencies within WHMCS:Login to your WHMCS Admi...

How quickly can my ClientExec license be activated?

The activation process, for any license within the LicenseCube family, takes between ten (10) seconds and thirty (30) seconds. However, on average a ClientExec license is activated within fifteen (15) seconds. So upon completing your order, your inbo...

How quickly can I get my WHMCS license activated?

The process for activating your WHMCS license literally only takes a couple of minutes. Thus, by the time you complete your WHMCS purchase, your WHMCS license will already be fully licensed and ready to be installed. If you have any further questions...

How quickly can I get my Blesta license activated?

The activation process for any Blesta license literally takes a couple of seconds. Thus by the time you’ve completed your online checkout process, your inbox will contain a welcome email with your Blesta license information. If you have any fu...