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Billing System Licenses

Why isn’t WHMCS under my name?

WHMCS being a transparent company, it provides a vast amount of information to the administrator pertaining to its status. This information includes licensing data, configurations and current client settings. As part of its licensing information, it ...

Will Ubersmith work with SELinux?

Security-Enhanced Linux, or more commonly known as SELinux, is a security feature installed by default on certain types of Linux distributions (predominately ones derived from RedHat). While SELinux doesn’t cause known problems within Ubersmit...

What payment gateways are available within Blesta?

Having access to a wide variety of payment gateways allows you to pick and choose how you would like your customers to remit payment. Outlined below, is a list of payment gateways, which are available within Blesta:Authorize.NetEPSSecureNetLinkPointP...

What payment gateways does ClientExec support?

ClientExec, much like many of its competitors, has a wide selection of payment gateways to choose from. Having a wide variety of payment gateways provides you with the ability to accept more forms of payment from your customers. Please see a list of ...

What payment gateways does Ubersmith support?

Ubersmith, being one of the most advanced billing systems, has an impressive selection of payment gateways under its belt. However, should you not find the payment gateway your after, you can always add one as needed as a order module.ACHDirectBeanst...