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Why doesn’t yum work after installing CloudLinux?

The reason for Yum not working correctly after CloudLinux has been installed, is due to the way that Yum was installed. By default CloudLinux installs Yum from source, meaning that there are additional files that need to be removed. Please follow the...

Why is RVSiteBuilder unable to create the user folder within cPanel?

Typically, the server issue that you are facing is due to a permissions problem, or a symbolic link issue. Nonetheless, please follow the step-by-step directions indicated below to resolve the issue that you are currently facing, Correcting permissio...

Why is RVSiteBuilder unable to create user folder within DirectAdmin?

There are many reasons why your DirectAdmin installation might be having problems with getting RVSiteBuilder to create user folders within it. Nonetheless, our step-by-step tutorial should assist you in resolving this issue, please see below. Correct...

Will Plesk SiteBuilder work with PHP safe mode enabled?

Prior to the release of Plesk SiteBuilder version four (4.0), Plesk SiteBuilder disabled safe_mode within PHP due to compatibility issues. It was necessary to perform the below-based instructions to re-enable it. However, since the release of Plesk S...

Will Plesk SiteBuilder work on a cPanel server?

Since the inception of Plesk SiteBuilder, there has always been a need to have website builders that work on a variety of platforms. This compatibility and scalability has propelled it into the status it currently holds as the market leader, when it ...