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Support Center

The LicenseCube support knowledge base has 234+ articles. These articles will assist you in resolving almost any issue you should face!

Sales FAQs

How quickly will my license be activated?

The activation process of a web hosting license only takes a couple of minutes, so by the time that you complete your online purchase, your license will be fully activated and ready for use. Should you have any further questions pertaining to your w...

How would I obtain software updates?

Obtaining software updates via LicenseCube isn’t only easy it’s fully automated. All you have to do is wait and you’ll receive an email telling you that a new update is available and providing a link to download it. If you have any...

Is it easy to change the domain name that my license is linked to?

If the application that you’ve selected requires a domain name to be validated, and you need to alter the domain name, you may do so by getting in contact with our support team to make the needed changes. Please follow the step-by-step directio...

Is it easy to change the IP address of my license key?

Dependent on the type of license you currently have, you may find that your license requires an IP address to be used in order to validate your license key. Should this be the case and you need to change your IP, please submit a support ticket by fol...

What are the discount tiers for hosting licenses?

At LicenseCube we want to reward all our partners by giving them as deep discounts as possible on licenses. As such, we’ve created a fully automated discount system that will adjust your discount levels based upon your license count. Please see...