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The LicenseCube support knowledge base has 234+ articles. These articles will assist you in resolving almost any issue you should face!

Sales FAQs

Do you charge taxes on top of your licenses?

At this time due to the way that the laws are formed within the United States (where LicenseCube is based) there are no taxes applicable for services rendered. Thus, if you are within the US or the rest of the world, you will never have to pay taxes ...

Do you have a reseller API?

At LicenseCube we strongly believe that being able to purchase and fully manage your license(s) is essential. For this very reason, we provide a fully featured REST API (Advanced Programming Interface) to be able to perform this very function. Shou...

Do you have API billing system modules?

Whether you are looking at integrating our API into your custom billing system, or simply want a module that will fit into your off the shelf billing system, we can assist you with your needs. Please checkout the below-mentioned resource on how to ob...

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

At LicenseCube our primary aim is to ensure the happiness of our customers, as happy customers lead to a happy company. As a consequence, we back all of our licenses with a thirty (30) day money back guarantee. Should you have any further questions...

Do you provide direct WHMCS access?

Due to the way that the integration currently is configured between LicenseCube and WHMCS, we are currently unable provide a WHMCS login. However, that being said, we’re always looking at expanding functionality, so this feature may be availabl...