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How do I control logins within Ubersmith?

Art. Nr: 74  |  Rating: 4/5 from 286 votes  |  Last Updated: Sun, May 20, 2012

In order to be able to control the logins from users into Ubersmith, you will need to understand what protections Ubersmith has in place already. Please see below for in-depth explanations of all the outlined items:

Default Security Configurations:

Ubersmith, being a security conscious billing system, tracks the amount of failed login attempts from a connecting IP address and/or username. Ubersmith will only ban a user for a period of thirty (30) minutes if:

  • Five (5) or more login failures have occurred

This feature is in place to prevent the Ubersmith billing system from being hacked by a brute force or dictionary attacks.

Whitelisting IPs within Ubersmith:

In order to be able to whitelist an IP address within Ubersmith, you must have high enough user permissions to accomplish this. Should you have these permission levels, you may perform the following step-by-step instructions outlined below:

  • Login to your Ubersmith Admin Panel
  • Next, go to "Setup & Admin" From there locate "Global Settings"
  • Under "Client Interface" click on "Password & Login Management"
  • Next, locate the "Rate Limit Whitelist" option and click "Add"
  • Once added, your IP will never again be blacklisted for any reason

Should you have any further questions pertaining to your Ubersmith license, please feel free to get in contact with the LicenseCube support team for additional assistance.

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