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How do I adjust my WHMCS to work using IPv6?

Art. Nr: 69  |  Rating: 4/5 from 418 votes  |  Last Updated: Sun, May 20, 2012

The process for enabling your WHMCS on IPv6 isn’t overly complicated, but due to the way WHMCS licensing works, it has to be completed manually. Please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below to make this possible:

  • Please go to the contact us section of our website
  • Fill in all the relevant information needed
  • Next, please provide all the following information:

    Customer Name:
    Customer ID:
    WHMCS License Key:
    IPV6 Address:

  • Finally, click the "Submit Form" button

Should you have any further questions pertaining to your WHMCS license running on IPv6, please feel free to get in contact with the LicenseCube support team for additional assistance/guidance.

Will take years before IPv6 standard is fully implemented but WHMCS is again ahead and implementing it in their billing system for hosting.

Posted by machinov - Wed, Aug 1st, 2012

Theu have WHMCS new version now 5.1.2 which should be even more IPv6 friendly I presume. Really good hosting billing system working on all web hosting providers.

Posted by Nick - Mon, Jul 16th, 2012

They have announced in the summer IPv6 so WHMCS seems a leader again in the billing systems for web hosts with this option.

Posted by PattyA. - Sat, Jul 14th, 2012

IPv6 has been released let see how WHMCS will develop this in future. I hope they will do a great job again to help the web hosting providers using their billing system.

Posted by TomazzoA - Thu, Jul 12th, 2012

IPv6 should be widely used in hoisting industry next years so good WHMCS know-how.

Posted by Waldon - Mon, Jun 25th, 2012

Very handy feature with announced IPv6 release lately. Everything should be going IPv6 now.

Posted by Randy - Tue, Jun 12th, 2012

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