Why doesn’t RVSkin manager appear within WHM?

In some rare cases, you’ll find that RVSkin doesn’t appear within your WHM. However, should you get stuck with this issue, please follow the below-indicated steps to resolve this issue. Please see below.

  • Login to your cPanel/WHM Virtual/Dedicated server via SSH
  • Next, run the following command within Linux:

    # /usr/local/cpanel/bin/build_locale_databases --clean && /usr/local/cpanel/bin/build_locale_databases --force

Upon completion, please refresh the WHM page to locate the "RVSkin Manager" option now being displayed within your WHM.

Should you have any further questions pertaining to your RVSkin license, please get in contact with the LicenseCube support team for further assistance.

Posted : LicenseCube Support - Wed, May 16, 2012. This article has been viewed 0 times.
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