How would I install WHMXtra on my cPanel server?

The process for getting WHMXtra installed on your cPanel server is quite quick and easy. Please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below on how this process can be completed.

Installing WHMXtra via SSH:

  • Login to your cPanel/WHM Virtual/Dedicated server via SSH
  • Next, run the following command to clean up any old WHMXtra files:

    rm -rf &&
    rm -rf &&
    rm -rf &&
    rm -rf &&
    rm -rf

  • Then, please run the following command to install WHMXtra:

    # wget;sh

Configuring WHMXtra via WHM:

  • Login to your WHM on your Virtual/Dedicated server
  • Next, scroll down to the section entitled "Plugins"
  • Then, locate and click on "Xtra Ultimate"
  • Make the necessary adjustments within!

Should you have any further questions pertaining to your WHMXtra license, please feel free to get in contact with the LicenseCube support team for additional assistance.

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