How do I disable brute force protection on cPanel?

Disabling Brute Force protection within your cPanel/WHM configuration isn’t complicated and only takes a few steps. Please follow the step-by-step directions outlined below for your convenience:

  • Login to your WHM (Web Hosting Manager)
  • Next, locate the section entitled "Security Center"
  • Then, click on the "cPHulk Brute Force Protection" link
  • Next, locate "cPHulk is currently Enabled" and click the "Disable" button
  • Finally, click the "Flush DB" button to purge previous records

Upon completing the aforementioned steps, you/your customers should now be able to access their cPanel accounts without any problems.

If you have any further questions pertaining to your cPanel license, please feel free to get in contact with our web hosting support team for additional assistance.

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